Wavecrest Study Centre

Wavecrest Study Centre is a project promoted by Women’s Board Educational Cooperation Society, a not – for – profit educational trust based in Lagos working for the development of the Nigerian woman since 1972. The Wavecrest Study Centre has a wide range of activities with a special focus on the education of secondary school girls from JS1 to SS3 classes. These include:

  • The Wavecrest club for SS1-SS3 girls
  • The Ripples club for JS1 – SS3 girls.
  • Leadership Summits for senior secondary school students.
  • Executive programs for school prefects
  • Summer holiday courses
  • Courses on cookery an bakery
  • Intensive weekend Study Courses for JS3 and SS3 girls.

The Wavecrest and Ripples club activities include Guided study programs on Saturdays, seminars and roundtable discussions on topical issues, Arts and crafts, music and dance lessons,  Housekeeping , Community Service projects, sessions  on etiquette and personality development, Bioethics, excursions, spiritual retreats, etc. The spiritual formation is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church.

The club members usually invite their parents and siblings to have fun and share in what they have learnt. Thus the Wavecrest Club organizes a yearly Christmas concert, musical concert and Easter Cantata.

Wavecrest Study Centre contributes to the academic and social development of the Lagoon students who attend its activities.

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