Secondary School Rules of Discipline


  • Attendance

Students are expected to be in school whenever the school is in session. No student is expected to leave school before closing time except with an exit card signed by the principal or whoever the principal authorizes.

  • School Uniform

Students are expected to wear the complete daily uniform.

  • Blazers must be worn on Mondays following the design prescribed by the school.

  • Bringing of Electronic Gadgets e.g. CD, CD player, all types of recorders, Ipads, laptop,cell phones etc to school, celebrating birthdays, gift giving.

Unauthorized electronic gadgets/cell phones are not allowed in the school since they cause a lot of distraction for the students.

  • Visitors

Students do not receive visitors in school except in exceptional cases with the approval of the Principal.

  • Dress code  

When not in school uniform, students are expected to always dress in a way that is respectable, decent, neat and appropriate for the occasion.

  • General Social conduct    

The school aims to form upright and responsible model citizens. For this reason, it lays much emphasis on the student’s conduct both within and outside the school. We are aware as well that each student leaves a lasting impression of the image of the school on whomever she comes across at home, parties, on the street, etc.