Tutorial System and Tutors

An important feature of the LAGOON SCHOOL is the personalised tutorial system.

Each student is assigned a tutor who guides her academic progress and the development of her character and personality. The ultimate objective or goal of the Tutorial system is to help the student reach her potentials for an all-round development.

The Tutor assists the student to form concrete resolutions in areas in which improvement is needed. In this role, Tutors strive to help parents in the upbringing of their daughters. It is therefore important that parents should contact their daughter's Tutor in order to discuss ways in which the Tutor can help their daughter develop.

Close liaison between parents and tutor is maintained through regular meetings where they can discuss important topics concerning all-round education. The parent-tutor relationship provides a natural means by which unity of purpose between home and school is ensured. Thus the school complements the educational process already started in the home.

Tutorial meetings with students take place once every two weeks, and with parents at least once every term. Both parents are expected to attend each tutorial meeting. A student may be excused from class to meet with her tutor.