Educational Philosophy & Model

The Lagoon School is a project of NAWA (Nigerian Association for Women’s Advancement) a not-for-profit trust registered in Nigeria. NAWA is intent on setting a high international standard in all of its projects so that the Nigerian woman, while reflecting her own unique culture, can stand on the same level as her counterparts all over the world.

Educate the woman and you educate the family and the society. Educate her well and you build a healthy, united, self-reliant, honest and corruption-free society.

The Lagoon School is and will remain a day school for girls only. Its aim is to provide an intellectual, social, physical, moral, spiritual and cultural education for girls. Our students are helped to achieve an excellent academic performance, a good character and strong Christian principles through a methodology based on instilling the principles within the family. The tutorial system is the main channel to harmonize the education at home and in school.

At The Lagoon School special care is taken to foster the virtues of personal integrity, self-discipline, order, honesty, industriousness, modesty and sense of responsibility. The School is committed to raising useful upright citizens. Moral education at the school is based on Christian principles. Activities for spiritual and human development are entrusted to the Opus Dei Prelature.


  • Nigerian National Curriculum.
  • Catholic Chapel.
  • Tutorial system where the social, academic, and spiritual orientation of each girl is taken care of at a personalised level.
  • Spiritual Direction open to all pupils, students and parents.
  • Tuition fee discount for large families.
  • Well-ventilated and spacious classrooms.
  • Home –Economics and Science laboratories.
  • Auditorium.
  • Multi-purpose sports court.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Family Orientation Courses.