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The Lagoon School is open to girls of all cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Our educational model is based on our mission statement: Partnership with parents to give an all-round education to each child based on the dignity of the human person, integrity, leadership qualities and academic excellence.
Our mission is achieved through a strong collaboration between parents and our highly motivated members of staff.
Our students are helped to achieve excellent academic performance, good character and strong moral principles through a methodology based on instilling virtues and values from a very early age. The tutorial system is the core channel through which we harmonise the education given at home and at school.

The Lagoon School believes that education is not just about learning subjects but also about learning the value of being a good person. We build characters, form and develop the total person. Thus our curriculum is geared towards developing the intellectual, physiological, psychological, ethical, social and spiritual dimensions of the learners. Our students have learnt to take responsibility for their learning. Each child is empowered to achieve the best in whatever task she engages in. Our driving force is a desire to achieve a Christian identity for the school.
At the end of six years of primary and six years of secondary school, our students turn out to be balanced, refined, tenacious and mature individuals who are committed to contributing a desirable transformation in every dimension of the human society.

Our school is a community where:

  • High standards are pursued with consistency and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Individuals are valued and helped to achieve their personal best.
  • effective partnerships secure the success of the school.


We serve our community by working in partnership with parents to provide an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice, and understanding of shared values. A good standard of behaviour is expected in order to provide the correct working environment. The good behaviour of children very much depends on a relationship between teachers and children and between teachers and parents. We seek to promote a calm, hardworking environment in which the virtues can be more easily practised and we seek the active support and co-operation of parents in maintaining our high standards.
The positive environment of diligent work which is sought in each classroom is a product of a number of factors, including:

  • Carefully planned and structured lessons
  • Lesson content appropriate to the capacities of each learner
  • A climate of mutual respect and exquisite courtesy
  • Punctuality to class, punctual return of classwork, projects and homework
  • Cheerful and encouraging rapport with each learner.

Teachers will:

  • Look for opportunities to personally encourage learners to reach their own potential, do their best without trying to measure up (or down) to someone else`s standard.
  • Follow up misbehaviour with diligence and perseverance. In particular, they will encourage learners to do whatever is necessary to put things right after they have done something wrong, e.g., catch up on work missed.
  • Ensure that all negative behaviour is followed personally after the lesson.
  • Avoid whole class punishments.

Partnership with parents to give each child an all-round education based on the dignity of the human person, integrity, leadership qualities and academic excellence.

`Sapientia et Virtus`

Christian Identity

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